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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 26, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. a business owner is gunned down outside his bar, now his wife is behind bars. as police say they unraffled a murderious plot. murder for hire. a woman hired her own brother to kill her husband. tonight she and her alleged conspirators are behind bars. investigators tell kelly mcpherson how they uncovered the plot. >> reporter: neighborhoods are relieved to hear there was an arrest in the murder. but they weren't surprised to hear what police uncovered.
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4 days after lee martin was shot 9 times outside his business, 4 people, including his wife, have been charged with murder. >> we worked around the clock for several days using exhaust i exhaustive resources. >> she had her brother pull the trigger. she paid brandon ross to drive the get away car. she waited next door. she called her brother and husband within minutes of the killing. the bar's surveillance camera helped bring in the suspects. lee's mother lives next door to the house, she told me she was surprised by what has happened and she's still in shock from the loss of her son. >> i thought about it that night when it first happened. >> reporter: on monday before my arrest friends told wjz that they believed martin's wife was behind the murder.
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>> he just got linked up with the wrong lady. >> she's affiliated with these people. i know because i'm from this neighborhood. everyone i talked to, we all had the same feeling. >> reporter: in december she filed a fumest i can -- domistic violence charge against him but didn't show up in court. all 4 suspects are charged with first degree murder and are being held tonight in baltimore county. reporting live, kelly mcpherson. thank you very much, kelly. this is baltimore county's second case of a wife plotting her husband's murder in less than a month. a fire broke out around 6:30 on patrick henry drive. a neighbor washing their car heard a smoke alarm going off, raced across the street to see
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if everyone was okay. >> i ran into the building and i heard the baby starting to cry and i didn't see the baby until it cried and i looked down and it was sitting on the floor. i grabbed the baby, gave it to somebody else and told someone to call 911 and then i ran back in looking for people. >> reporter: she says the smoke quickly drove her back outside. firefighters found the father inside. firefighters are trying to determine what sparked the fire. tonight the so called top kill plan to stop millions of gallons of oil from gushing into the gulf of mexico is going as planned. this is a live picture from underwater. bp says we most likely won't know until tomorrow if the plan is working. >> reporter: bp is pumping mud into the oil well at the bottom
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of the gulf. the company's latest and boldest effort yet to stop the leak. >> over the next 24 hours i believe we will know if it's successful. >> reporter: the method known as a top kill including following the mud with cement to permanently seal the well. company executives say it has about a 60 to 70% chance of working. it's never been tried at 5000 feet under water. >> if it's successful and there's no guarantee, it should greatly reduce the amount of oil streaming into the gulf. >> reporter: the president will visit the gulf on friday where he may get a chilly reception. blasted bp and the government for not doing enough to stop the spread of oil. >> we have been fighting this
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for over a month now. >> reporter: the oil hasn't reached this area but the governor -- it's heart breaking for gilbert and -- who threw out the shrimp. >> what are we going to do? >> reporter: those who live off the water are asking the same question as they watch the well that just keeps gushing. kathryn brown. now, engineers will monitor the process all night. they are working on back up plans in case this does not work. a storm drain exploded tonight in the 900 block of month peelier street. the water had no place to go causing a back up and then an explosion. crews were already working to repair a water main break just
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around the corner. a man is arrested for trespassing at an elementary school. first noticed the suspicious man on the playground. when officers asked why he was at the school he claimed he was there to register his daughter. they discovered he has no children attending the school. he has been identified as 33- year-old jose contrary as. two steel beams arrived in -- today in millersville. the beams will be used to create a memorial to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. >> i hope they think about what happened september 11th and what these guys and girls are doing now in their jobs. >> our constant vigilance for what safety and freedom means. freedom is not free so this is
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our constant reminder to honor those who gave their lives. >> reporter: the sculpture will be located -- no word on when completed. a baltimore man is free after spending 10 years in prison wrongfully convicted of a serious crime. pat jackson explains what changed the case. >> reporter: attorneys to tyrone jones say his case is a sobering reminder of problems with the legal system and the need to fix them. tyrone jones walked the sleets streets of baltimore a free man. >> there is no room for bitterness. >> reporter: he spent the past 10 years in a prison for crimes authorities discovered he did not commit. in june 1998, jones from baltimore was a 21-year-old college student in texas. he was home at the time.
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he says a late night game of basketball resulted in his life being turned around. he was convicted of killing 15- year-old, he was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder. >> it wasn't easy, you know, being locked down in a cell. sometimes 23 hours a day, being forced to eat a certain kind of food, not getting the best medical care. >> reporter: tyrone jones would have never spent a single day in prison if he had had a single report. he told police he never saw any suspect which exonerated jones. michelle -- with the innocence project. >> the break down occurs either because that document doesn't get transferred from the police
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department to the prosecutor, or the break down occurs because the prosecutor doesn't turn it over in the course of the criminal discovery process to the defendant or the defendant's counsel. >> reporter: tyrone jones was 33-year-old now. he is a full time job. the sad part about this case is this means the murder is still unsolved at this point. >> reporter: jones says open eventually plans -- eventually plans to return to college. advice for travelers this weekend, roads are expected to be crowded with nearly 640,000 travelers. police will be out watching for aggressive drivers. 7 aircraft flew over the naval academy today.
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>> i think this is amazing. >> reporter: the blue angels make an appearance every year during the academy's commencement week. moved at 400 knots. the pilots practice two or three times away. in just minutes a little boy falling on a mall escalateor falls. a woman falls asleep on a plane and no one notices for three hours. who finally found her. i'm alex demetric. where maryland stands with oil spills, current and future. will the memorial day be cloudy or sunny. the complete forecast coming up next. complete coverage continues
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it is 73 degrees, mainly clear in spral maryland right -- central maryland right now. shovels are needed to clear away the hail from a thunderstorm. some of the hail was reported to be the size of baseballs. vehicles were damaged during the storm which also brought strong wind gusts and at least
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two tornado sightings. a shopkeeper in turkey was at the right place at the right time. a 4-year-old is dangling and being pulled to the second floor. the shopkeeper catches him and saves him. the boy was not hurt. one important thing was left on a flight, a sleeping passenger. everyone deplaned except for ginger mcguire. nobody bothered to wake the sleeping anchor woman. she was finally spotted by a cleaning crew. the incident also raised security issues. united express says it's investigating and hopes to remedy the situation. after years a brutal cold case was finally solved. police have now arrested 37-
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year-old eddie -- he was required to give a dna sample after being arrested for felony theft. a relative of anna who didn't want to go on camera says she's happy an arrest has been made. >> you better believe it. i tell you, it's a shock. >> that's the best part of the whole thing the closure to the family. >> reporter: according to city police the law requiring dna samples has led to the solving of 100 cold cases. as we told you earlier the so called top kill effort to stop the massive oil spill in the gulf is underway. here's another live look at the work being done. the possibility of the oil spill having an effect on the east coast prompted a briefing at the white house today. time, ties and hurricanes are all in the mix -- tides.
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maryland has a lot of shoreline. seeing what's happening to the gulf coast right now the governor brought together his cabinet and emergency managers to map out possible impact fears. >> in order for this oil to make it up the east coast it would have to get caught in this loop current jo and some oil is very close to that current which looping up the atlantic coast. >> time is weather in this situation. >> reporter: because the gulf stream veers hundreds of miles east before it passes the chesapeake. but hurricanes also ride the gulf stream. the question, would they help break up oil. >> or is it the kind of thing where it just sort of pushes it. >> reporter: the best guess maybe some tar balls wash up. >> we won't see that type of product that's in the gulf right now hitting ocean city or
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inside chesapeake bay. >> reporter: on the move either by ship or by pipeline. the state's worst oil spill hit the -- river five years ago. but it's ships running aground like this one that could bring disaster. >> experts are saying the highest likelihood would be the a vessel. asked the national ocean antic to assess the oil threat to the bay. art link letter died at his home in los angeles. he was best known for his memorable moments with children. his book hit the all time best seller lest. a new warning is ordered to
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be placed on a popular weight loss drug. the label will warn of possible liver problems. the agency says a cause and effect has not been established. however due to the seriousness of the issue they wanted to alert the public to the. our good friend dick elman took to the -- he threw out the first pitch prior to tonight's orioles game. hopefully everyone will be generous when it comes to dick's upcoming ride across america, set for june 5th and wjz is always proud to be a sponsor of the event. that's only a couple of weeks away the, the first week of june and it's a lot of fun
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and a great fundraiser. all right, we have a very warm day again coming up tomorrow. take a look at temperatures. 73, it's gotten a lot more pleasant out there. very light winds, the barometer has been falling just a tad. 91 this afternoon. yeah, the record is 94. we came pretty close. the average high is only 77. the average low is 55 and the record is 41 back in 1967. 79 up in elkin. winds are very light out of the northwest. tomorrow late in the day they are going to be shifting to the north, northeast and a new air mass will be approaching us and boy did it change things. portland maine was 91 degrees at 4:00. that front is developing across
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portions of can quebec. all through that region showers and storms as you can see right through portions of vermont and new hampshire. because of its slowness there could be some heavy downpours tomorrow night as the front approaches. behind it it's going to turn dramatically cooler tomorrow night and on friday. it will be hot tomorrow but with the front coming through temps on friday will struggle to get out of the upper to mid- 60s, believe it or not. but by saturday the front should be far enough away. sunshine returns. then it warms up again early next week. northeast winds 5 to 10. tonight generally fair and warm. 66 degrees downtown. tomorrow sunshine for the most part and then clouds in the
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afternoon. maybe a brief thunderstorm before dinner. then tomorrow night, 8:00, 9:00, that's when we have a chance for some thunderstorms. but on friday some left over showers. 669, that's it. 82 on sundays, back up not upper o in the upper 80s on memorial day. have a good one. the orioles are hot under the collar. mark has more coming up in mark has more coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, maybe dick gel man got suited up. >> reporter: didn't get so great after that. expect it to be a season where the orioles young players show progress. but tonight reminds us how that improvement is sometimes lacking. fans received a free nolan rein action figure -- ryan action
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figure. he's not even on the team. starting pitcher -- adam rose al he is crushes one to left field, that's a 3 run homer. he lasted just 5 innings, his sub par outings are adding up. here's a bright spot for the bird. struggling to -- finally his first homerun. 3rd inning, atkins came in. but overall the bats were silent. by the oakland pitching staff, final game of a brief home span tomorrow night. joe madden's as have the best record. but the red sox led the attack tonight. this is the first of his two homeruns. the sox rock the rays.
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11-3 was the final, boston the winner. another mini camp work out for the ravens, clayton coming back from a shoulder operation. for the first time since being carted off with a broken leg in cleveland 6 months ago. >> all i could focus on was a day at a time. in an injury like that you never know if you can come back from something like that. i just focused on the things that helped me get here through my career and stuff and out really helped out a lot. >> reporter: one more day of this mini camp session tomorrow. high school lacrosse. featured hereford in the mar one uniform -- maroon uniforms. they will go low for one of the 13 goals. they take a lead.
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hereford caps off a season with a championship. finally, venus williams continuing to get attention on her outfits. that's her sister as venus wins. no major upsets today. >> reporter: venus in the ,,,,,,
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a retiring middle school principal in illinois doesn't have to look hard to find a post it note. because the staff covered his truck with the sticky pieces of
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paper. it was a pay back for leaving post it notes around. it's a good thing he wasn't stapling things. >> my goodness, think how long ,
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letterman is next with don rickels. good evening, everyone, hope you have a good night.


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